October 22, 2014

A Gifted Year

I am so very proud to say that all of the items I have made this year have been given away, as gifts. What an exhilarating feeling, not only to complete and wrap up a handmade item for someone special, but to feel their exhilarating upon receiving. In some cases I have gotten beautifully sweet notes in the mail with pictures of smiling faces wrapped in a quilt with words of thanks. Believe me, it's my pleasure.

 ------------A Peppermint Quilt for my family-----------

-----------Sophia's Quilt-----------

---------A summer wedding present Feather Quilt for Mathew and Spring-------

 ----A travel purse for my niece (she went to London, Baby!)-----
------------Orange Appreciation Pillows (for Adam, who appreciates orange)----------
I hope at the very moment someone opens a gift I've made, they feel no worry, no stress; I hope the feelings are only pleasant. I hope they feel loved and transported to a kind, simple place where handmade gifts mean time for celebration. I have just as much fun making these goodies as recipients do opening them.

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