October 11, 2013

Up Up and AWAY!

Oh I love this quilt! One thing I consciously try to do with my quilts is capture a feeling or a theme. Up Up and AWAY is a quilt that (I hope) makes you feel light, transcended upwards, with wings free to fly.

 ::The fabrics that make up the flying geese design are::
Orange scallop - Dear Stella "Piper" in orange
Rainbow feathers -  Studio Bee "Beloved" Robert Kaufman fabric co.
Turquoise criss-cross - Bella Woven in turquoise by Lotta Jansdotter
Bright yellow - from DS Quilts collection for Fabric Traditions.

::The above are bordered by Kona White and Kona Baby Blue::

::And on the back::
Bridges on white - Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
Orange chevron - Riley Blake
Turquoise lines: Glimma in jade by Lotta Jansdotter

And the back -

And more pictures of the front - 

And the binding :: Kona Royal Blue

I have a story to share that ties into the destiny of this quilt. This quilt will not be posted in my Etsy shop, oh no. This quilt is bound for a different kind of fantastic journey. 

When my daughter was small, before she turned two, she suffered from intense meltdowns whenever any loud sound was near. The sound of a crowded restaurant, a big gathering of people, or a baby crying would immediately set her off.  The way she would cry and shutdown was more than just a normal cry session. And these weren't tantrums, she wasn't trying to change outcome of a situation, or get her way. She was in a state of terror and she would cry with her eyes closed in a non-communicative state, and we couldn't figure out how to help her. 

A dear family member asked me, during one such meltdown at a boisterous Christmas family gathering, if we had had her "tested." Of course I didn't know what she meant. As soon as we returned home, I Googled it and sat there in shock as information about sensory disorders and autism were listed before me. I had so many questions and so much shock and sadness at that moment. Our family member referred me to the Boyer Children's Clinic in Seattle. It's a saving place for families with kids who fit into the spectrum of sensory delays and neuromuscular disorders. My daughter was tested and diagnosed with a "sound sensitivity." We qualified for Boyer's  free developmental preschool program in which kids are taught individually and strategically, based on their specific needs. I also received free weekly counseling sessions, which were a huge blessing. 

My daughter went to preschool at Boyer Children's twice a week until she turned 3. We didn't pay a dime. I received so much guidance and direction from the teaching staff and assistants. I learned ways to help her and calm her.  She enjoyed making friends, feeling confident, and having an engaging preschool environment to enjoy. I am so proud to say that this past September she started Kindergarten at our neighborhood public school. She is doing great!

The Boyer Children's Clinic gave our family something incredible - a clearing of relief and support during a time that was suffocating, confusing, and exhausting. The staff at Boyer reached out their hands to us and we grabbed on tight and they saved us. I have always wanted to say thank you to this remarkable organization. I have always wanted to donate a quilt to their annual auction. I am so excited to say, this is the time! And this is the quilt! And from the bottom of my heart, with every ounce of my soul, Thank You!

<3 Happy Quilting!


Dominique said...

I was going to leave a comment before I read the story about the quilt. It was going to read something like "such a fun quilt, I love the pattern and great choice on the backing". I am glad I slowed down and actually read your post, because that is what it's all about. The stories behind the quilts. Thank you for sharing the story behind yours. What a blessing this organization has been in your family's life and I am sure your donation will be appreciated.

Kat said...

Wonderful quilt and a wonderful story to go with it!

Cutie and Company Quilts said...

Thank you for visiting! And thank you for taking a moment to read my post and the story behind this quilt. I highly suggest quilting for charity, it's wonderfully gratifying!