October 5, 2013

The Creative Side

Holy lack of blog posts Batman! Has it been a month since I have been here? Alas, yes. I find this operation, this quilting/blogging/facebbok-ing/Etsy shop-ing operation, to be two-fold: there's the creative side which includes designing, sewing, and general extreme fabric merriment, and then there's the tech side which involves writing, photographing, uploading, and posting. Sometimes one of the two sides dominates, and during September my creative side took over. That is, in a good way, a very good way. I have so many incredibly exciting things to share that I have to a) restrain myself and b) pace myself.  So this post is a peek at what's been going on creatively (shhhh, it's my favorite side of the whole operation).

 Can you feel the creativity? More on each of these creations in the days to come, but now, more sewing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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