July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I haven't participated in WIP Wednesday for quite some time. It's not that I haven't had WIPs to share, certainly not (PA-lenty of WIPs), it's more-so that I haven't been able to find the time to create a WIP post, or (and this is embarrassing) Wednesday sneaks up on me so fast that I don't realize I missed WIP Wednesday it until Thursday...or Friday. All in all, it's exciting to be here and without further adieu, here's my WIP!

 I have been calling this quilt "Summer Baby." Using 1/2 square triangles (HSTs) I assembled 20 14" blocks arranged in STAR shapes, can you see the stars? If I were to make this quilt again, I would add a slim border around each star block, just to frame them and make them pop a little bit more. Overall, I really like the dance between the sage and tan fabrics, and darker reds and browns. All of the fabrics used here are extremely cute and snuggling with this quilt will be heartwarming, guaranteed.

The quilt back (below) is mostly Riley Blake's Seaside, which is a very beautiful shade of light aqua, it's to die for. Down the middle/left is a scrappy stripe using all of the fabrics from the quilt top, which is then bordered by Kona Natural.

There's a lot left to do: ironing, basting, quilting, binding...but summer isn't over, Baby! Happy Quilting!


Zafeiro Vaxevanidou said...

Fantastic hues! A gorgeous quilt!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I recognize a lot of the fabrics.