January 15, 2013

a frozen beginning

Among the frozen blades of grass is a sneak peek of a new quilt I have been working on. I am hopeful I'll have the top complete my mid-week to share on WIP Wednesday, but that is a long-shot. Although it looks more like a table runner here, this quilt will have at least 3 more rows, making it 40x40 inches, but I am thinking of going longer. The highlight of these fabrics is the Odds & Ends Metro Inspirational Words by Cosmo Cricket for Moda. The other 3 fabrics I bought at Joann's, but they all go well together. I suppose the color scheme can be considered tertiary - red orange, teal green, rust, soft pink, hot pink, chartreuse, brown, and gray.

I love the boldness of the birds and "sunflower" design, yet you also have to look close to read the inspirational words and see the neighborhood houses. This will be a fun quilt, I can't wait to see the finished version.

In other news, our nights here have been freezing, dipping into the 20s. We awake to a white and frosty world.

Everything outside has a fresh crunchy layer of frost which, after a warm and hearty breakfast (usually involving oats), we venture out to explore. The numerous ice crystals are particularly fun to crunch underfoot. My imagination drifts to the underground and wonders what the worms think of this frozen soil. Our hummingbird feeder is very busy (once thawed by noon) and we are amazed the they can survive such frigid nights. By far, the best part of spending time outside is coming inside after awhile to our warm home, and closing the door to the cold. Winter is a miraculous season but a warm home makes such cold truly enjoyable.

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