December 24, 2012

A Merry One

This moment I am...

Enjoying our home and all of its brilliant warmth.

Appreciating this gentle giant, a new kitty, Robousto.

 Laughing at how his tongue sticks out during slumber.

Marveling at this little girl, growing up fast, getting snarkey, but she's all mushy love underneath
(trust me).

Loving how we found the PERFECT tree!

Just kidding, we sawed down a GREEN Noble fir, it's lovely!

Adoring this elf who can balance a raisin on his thumb.

Smiling at every creation.

Making everything, and finding perfection within imperfection.

 Quilting whenever a spare minute arises.

Playing with this process which is turning out perfectly ;)

Wishing every one a beautiful holiday.

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