August 18, 2012

Pint-sized Quilts

What I would give to be a dolly right now! I would be looking at crawling into one cozy, colorful  dolly bed, that's for sure! Cutie's dear Aunt is letting me contribute some dolly quilts to her booth at the upcoming dolly show in October. I have to work swiftly, and these micro-sized shapes are quite challenging.
 But, nonetheless, my creative juices never turn off and I press on. Here's what I have so far (all works in progress).

First (below) is a complete quilt top, rail fence design with white boarder. Christmas fabric, yes, inspired by the upcoming season, and the perfect gift for your Dolly.

Next, red and white pinwheels. Talk about tough-to-get-those-1/2-inch-triangles-to-line up-good-grief. The rose fabric is the backing.

I do have fingers-crossed that the finished quilt will be bitchen tho. Just imagine a slick bright boarder around the edge to clean it all up.

Third, this one got started yesterday, will be a nine patch design with soft, light pink fabrics. The fabrics are below. L-R: the striped boarder, the back (soft meadow scene) and the little stack of 3 pinks on the right will make up the nine patch, along with Kona white. 

 Here are the first 3 squares.

 Lastly, this stack will be - I'm thinking - a triangle design of some sort (but not pinwheels!). I am very excited to cut into these lovely vintage florals.
I'll keep you posted on my progress! Happy Quilting!

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